Before you contact us, please check the list of most common questions our customers ask us:

Q: What is the Low Specs Experience?

A: Low Specs Experience is a free tool designed to optimize your favorite games for low-end hardware and let you enjoy even the latest game titles on your low-end PC. We’ve once again raised the bar for simplicity! With simple to use and user-friendly interface that makes game optimizations faster and more automated for everyone, with the main focus on users that aren’t tech-savvy, all within a seamless and intuitive interface.

Q: What does the optimization actually do in Low Specs Experience?

A: Low Specs Experience is using “find-and-scan” and “find-and-replace” method to replace already existing configuration files with optimized and edited configuration files for desired games. It also in most cases installs additional configured files to help improve the performance in games.

Q: Why can’t I access the download link?

A: We are using adfly links, which are generating some revenue for us. It is blocked by some Internet service providers, so if you can’t access the download link then try opening it with VPN extensions for your browser.

Q: What is RagnoTech™ Premium Membership?

A: RagnoTech™ premium membership is granting you access to special features. The full list of features and more about it can be read here.

Q: How long will it take for my premium membership payment to be processed?

A: Processing of premium membership payment can take up to 24 hours from the moment of your donation. Once it’s confirmed by PayPal you will receive your premium membership details via the same e-mail used to make the donation.

Q: Can I request games to be added to Low Specs Experience?

A: Only premium members are eligible to request optimizations to be added to Low Specs Experience. Free members are not allowed to suggest nor request games for optimization.

Q: Can I see the list of optimizations that will be added to Low Specs Experience?

A: List of upcoming optimizations is always changing and it’s impossible for us to keep track of them, hence the reason we’re keeping the release list internal.

Q: How long will it take for high priority optimization requested optimization to be added?

A: Once we accept your high priority optimization request, we’re gonna inform you about the progress and give you an estimated period of time of when it’s gonna be done.

Q: How long will it take for RagnoTech™ support to reply to my question?

A: Our Support is available and at your disposal five days a week to reply to every single request and question there is. It can take up to 72 hours for your question to be answered. We are receiving a lot of messages every day. It’s impossible to estimate the time needed for our support to answer, but it should not take more than 72 hours. Please be patient! However, premium first line tech support will ensure you get your answers within 24 hours. You can get access to premium first line tech support by donating.

Q: How many people are there in RagnoTech™ team?

A: We have dozens of pre-release testers at our disposal all around the globe. As for the main staff, that number is always changing. As for the most important team members and members of the staff, we have five people working together and keeping all of our services rolling.

Q: How to completely uninstall Low Specs Experience?

A: In order to completely uninstall Low Specs Experience you just have to simply navigate to the installation folder and run the uninstall.exe.

Q: Why am I getting Net.Framework error?

A: It’s most likely because you do not have Net.Framework 4.5.2 installed which is needed for Low Specs Experience to operate normally. You can download it here for free or simply install it via the Redist folder that comes with Low Specs Experience installation package.

Q: I optimized my game, but there’s no change in terms of performance nor quality, what do I do?

A: Some games are prone to incompatibility issues, that’s the reason we implemented manual optimizations in Low Specs Experience for some games. Also, ensure running RagnoTech™ control panel as the administrator in order for our optimization client to have full control over the optimization process.

Q: I installed Low Specs Experience but I didn’t get the shortcut on my Desktop, what do I do?

A: Simply navigate to the installation folder, which should be in %SystemDisk% and create the shortcut manually for bootstrapper.exe file.

Q: I optimized my game but the ReSwitch is missing, what do I do?

A: If the ReSwitch is missing it should automatically be installed on startup of Low Specs Experience and placed on your Desktop.

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