How and when I’m gonna receive my Premium Membership details?

Once you pay for your Premium Membership please be patient, once PayPal has processed your payment we will send you an e-mail with the details for your Premium membership
PLEASE NOTE: PayPal transaction process can take up to 24 hours, depending on country you’re paying from!

Premium Membership is great for long time users of Low Specs Experience


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Detailed info about what Premium Membership includes:

*Advertisement free version of Low Specs Experience
What is this? -Free Version of Low Specs Experience has advertisements to seek for revenue, pop-up and display ads

*Exclusive access to pre-release versions of Low Specs Experience
What is this? -Pre-Release versions are the BETA versions of Low Specs Experience that are not available for public but only for beta testers and premium members, get your hands on pre-release versions of all the upcoming optimizations before anyone else

*Exclusive appearance on the “Wall of Fame”
What is this? -Wall of Fame is a special place on the exit page of Low Specs Experience that shows the names of all the contributors to the development

*Exclusive 50% OFF discount offer for all future purchases
What is this? -You are granted special 50% discount on all the future purchases from us

*Exclusive access to private chat and hang out the development team whenever available
What is this? -We sometimes make private gaming sessions for some games so someone can join, Premium Members have the special reserved slot if they want to join.
What exactly is this “hang out”? If you would like to play game with me and a few other people from the community. Feel free to join us when we announce it!

*Exclusive access to #LIVECHAT Support if needed
What is this? -We are offering a Live Chat Support for Premium Members if it’s needed to fix the problem regarding our service, we can’t guarantee you 24/7 live chat support, but when you need help, we’ll be there for you

*Exclusive access to #TeamViewer Support if needed
What is this? -We are offering a Team Viewer Support for Premium Members if it’s needed to fix the problem regarding our service, Team Viewer is a free tool that let’s us remote control your computer in purpose of fixing the issue regarding our service

*Exclusive access to grant free Premium Membership to up to three friends
What is this? -Have a friend that isn’t a Premium member already, but want to be one? You can grant a free Premium Starter Membership to up to 3 friends for free

*Exclusive access to download standalone optimization versions for each game
What is this? -Don’t want to use the Low Specs Experience to optimize just a few games? You can download standalone 1MB versions of all the optimizations that are available through the Low Specs Experience

*Exclusive access to ask questions about behind the scenes development
What is this? -I’m not not answering any questions about behind the scenes development to anyone, but I’m opening our behind the scenes doors for Premium Members, as a Premium Member you can ask whatever you want about behind the scenes development

*Exclusive access to RagnoTech PC maintenance
What is this? -PC running slow or games lagging too much? Let us help you get the most out of your current system
-How do we do this? We’ll remote control your PC via Team Viewer for the maintenance process, we always ensure our customers have the best performance possible on their current system

*Exclusive access to RagnoTech PC upgrade managing
What is this? -Want to upgrade your current PC but don’t know how and what to change? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our PC upgrade managing program, you provide us your full PC specs, we analyze it and suggest you the upgrade parts for your PC based on the budget, cost to performance and other factors

*Exclusive high priority Optimization request for unlimited number of games
What is this? -Have a favorite game but can’t run it properly on a low end hardware? We’ve got you covered! As a Premium Member you can send high priority optimization requests for unlimited number of games  you’d like us to release the optimization for (we will inform you with an e-mail if it’s possible and when it’s gonna be done), no matter the release year of the game nor the systems requirements, if it’s possible we’re gonna get it done as soon as possible