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 RagnoTech™ Premium Membership

Q: How do I activate the RagnoTech™ Premium Membership?
A: You can activate your RagnoTech™ Premium Membership within the Low Specs Experience. Look for ‘Activate Premium Membership’ button on the bootstrapper of the Low Specs Experience.

Choose what you want access to




Exclusive Access to Low Specs Experience Premium Version (Premium Basic)

The Free version of Low Specs Experience contains advertisements from partners. RagnoTech™ Premium Basic removes all the advertisements from the Low Specs Experience.

Exclusive Access to Friend Link (Premium Basic)

Have a friend that would like to try out the RagnoTech™ Premium features? Link up to three friends to your RagnoTech™ Premium Membership and let them enjoy all the features for free.

Exclusive Access to Upcoming Optimizations List (Premium Basic)

Access the full list of all the upcoming optimizations that are going to be added to the Low Specs Experience optimization catalog.

Exclusive Discussions (Premium Premier)

Discuss all the upcoming updates and features with the creator of the Low Specs Experience. Be the first one to know what is coming up.

Exclusive Access to Optimization Suggestions (Premium Premier)

Make suggestions for the upcoming optimization releases that will be added to the optimization catalog of the Low Specs Experience. Games suggested by the RagnoTech™ Premium Premier users will be prioritized for release.

Exclusive Early Access to Upcoming Optimizations (Premium Premier)

Grants you access to test, try out and use the upcoming optimizations before anyone else, sometimes weeks before the official release.

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