Optimization Suggestions

Howdy Premium Membership owner!

We can’t add all the games people are suggesting us to add to the optimization catalog of the Low Specs Experience. It is simply not possible and we don’t have the manpower to do so.

However, since you donated and helped the development of our service, we are granting you an exclusive access to suggest which games we should add next to the optimization catalog. Once the suggestion has been sent – we will inform you on the progress we’ve made in terms of adding that particular game to the optimization catalog.

If we are not able to add the suggested game to the optimization catalog, we’ll inform you about the issues we ran into and/or the reason why that particular game can’t be added to the Low Specs Experience. Sounds good? Throw your suggestions below!

Please be sure to suggest one game at a time!
Don’t suggest games that are already available in the optimization catalog. The full list of available games can be found here.