Low Specs Experience v6.0.1 (5/9/2017)
-This update brings and blends V5 UI with fineses of V6 to create a whole new V6 UI as requested by most users

[User Interface]
-Replaced complete user interface with half V5 and half V6 to create a whole new V6 UI
-Fixed “EXIT button not working” on the ReSwitchGUI

Low Specs Experience v6.0.0 (26/8/2017)
-This update brings all new V6 design to Low Specs Experience
-Here’s to another hundred years of the development – we’re just getting started!

[User Interface]
-Removed pop-ups on RagnoTech Control Panel that loaded after slecting the method of optimization – REASON: added new simple and clean drop down menu to select the optimization methods from
-Removed pop-ups that let you choose the manual optimization method or automatic optimization method – REASON: games that require manual optimization have only that option available now
-Redesigned Home, Optimize, Features and Support pages
-Shrinked number of not needed options and pages in the software UI

-Added all new redesigned RagnoTech ReSwitch that is accessible from the Desktop shortcut as a standalone .exe file to choose the resolution from
-Removed the pop-up strap-designed page from the startup of the software – REASON: everything is placed into the bootstrapper itselft and/or Support page instead

*There are other major changes in the way how the software works and navigates, there are also too many small changes to list them all in a simple changelog like this.

Support for Version 5 has been discontinued on 26/8/2017

Low Specs Experience v5.1.0 (5/8/2017)
-This update adds support for Tekken 7

[User Interface]
-Added pop-up on startup to distinguish free version from premium version

Low Specs Experience v5.0.9 (20/7/2017)
-This update adds support for multiple new optimizations

-Added support for Dishonored 2
-Added support for DiRT 4
-Added support for Forza Horizon 3

Low Specs Experience v5.0.8 (27/6/2017)
-This update adds support for Prey optimization and focuses on some minor changes to the UI

-Added support for Prey
-Updates optimization for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction — removes ReSwitch and adds ultra low optimization

[User Interface]
-Added Prizes & Offers tab in Low Specs Experience
-Added annotation of text that lets you know that you have to start RagnoTech Control Panel from game folder as administrator — otherwise it won’t work for some users
-Added RagnoTech manual optimization method for Premium Membership when the server is offline
-Changed colour of the navigation buttons to bring it to life — might not be noticed at first, but its brighter now and fits the buttons better
-Removed three options for Support section — now shows only one which will land you on the website where you will choose from available options to contact us



Low Specs Experience v5.0.7 (16/6/2017)
-This update adds support for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds optimization

-Added support for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Low Specs Experience v5.0.6 (14/6/2017)
-This update focueses on bug fixes and stability improvements

-Fixed the issue with integrity of files check on startup loading twice for some users
-Fixed problem with CFLite.dll file missing that pops-up after the installation finishes
-Improved stability and performance of the software with double RagnoTech Double Checker
-Introduced all new and fresh RagnoTech Installation with enabled Double Checker to ensure all files install correctly and without issues (thanks for your feedback)
-Minor additional preparations for the upcoming updates

Low Specs Experience v5.0.5 (12/6/2017)
-This update focueses on bug fixes and stability improvements

-Added new RagnoTech “One-Way” file system
-Complete overhaul of background files processing
-Fixed problems with adminsitrative access and extraction for 7-Zip files
-Fixed problem with update button showing “specified file not found”

[User Interface]
-Added EXIT buttons on PopUp advertisements instead of standard “X” buttons
-Added integrity files verfication on startup of free version
-Changed standard font from “various” to “Candara Bold” font to match the font throughout the user interface of Low Specs Experience
-Updated Wall of Fame list with latest donator names on it

*Other minor changes and improvements (too many to list)

Low Specs Experience v5.0.4 (22/5/2017)
-This update adds the optimization support for two newly released games

-Added optimization support for the following games:
-NieR Automata
-Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Low Specs Experience v5.0.3 Stable Revision 2 (14/5/2017)
-This update focuses on bug fixes, stability improvements

-Fixed problem with installation for some users not initializing correctly
*This update only affects free version of Low Specs Experience

Low Specs Experience v5.0.3 Stable Revision 1 (11/5/2017)
-This update focuses on bug fixes, stability improvements and some design changes

-Added UI configuration check-up on startup to prevent in-software pages from displaying in incorrectly
-Redesigned installation process, one-click installation for simple and clean installation
*This update only affects free version of Low Specs Experience

Low Specs Experience v5.0.3 Stable (8/5/2017)
-This update focuses on bug fixes, stability improvements and some design changes

-Added new banner for free version from where users can access the activation section
-Redesigned support and requests section to better match what each button is about
-Removed Upgrade section replaced with Collaboration section which is coming soon
-Other minor changes – too many to list

Low Specs Experience v5.0.2 Stable (3/5/2017)
-This update focuses around some technical issues that the users have reported

-Fixes the issue with startup manager window resolution mismatch
-Fixes the issue with RAM usage on systems with less than 1GB of RAM
-Fixes the crash issue preventing users from accessing the Upcoming (BETA) page

Low Specs Experience v5.0.1 Stable (26/4/2017)
-With good game releases, good optimizations are being released, this time for Outlast 2

-Adds support for Outlast 2 optimization
-Minor behind the scenes configrations and changes

Low Specs Experience v5.0.0 Stable (15/4/2017)
-We pushed v5.0.0 as the new Low Specs Experience version standard due to confusion by many people that V4 is newer than v1.x.x, in order to keep it clean we are introducting LSE V5. Previous V1, V2, V3 and V4 versions are only Alpha and Beta states and pre-release testing versions of the software, in short term: these versions are not recommended, altho they can still be used without any problems – the design and everything in these versions is outdated

-Adds fresh and all new installation process
-Adds RagnoTech Manual Optimizations (BETA)
-Adds manual optimizations for much needed games (too many to list)
-Additional tweaking and configuration for button precision
-Many background optimization changes and bug fixes for known issues
-Redesigned premium activation land-page
-Dark Souls 3 optimization has been updated to support all game versions

Low Specs Experience v1.3.8 Stable (30/3/2017)
-Adds support for Mass Effect Andromeda
-Fixed the problem with crash on startup for some Windows 7 non-SP1 users

Low Specs Experience v1.3.7 Stable (21/3/2017)
-Adds support for Hitman
-Various bug fixes and stability improvements

Low Specs Experience v1.3.6 Stable (16/3/2017)
-Adds support for Just Cause 3
-Fixed the name for Premium Version shortcut

Low Specs Experience v1.3.5 Stable (11/3/2017)
-Adds support for Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter

Low Specs Experience v1.3.4 Stable (8/3/2017)
-This update updates the optimizations for Mafia III and Paladins
-Update v1.3.4 also features new installation process
-Minor bugs and problem fixes
*Thank you for reporting the bugs and issues!

Low Specs Experience v1.3.3 Stable (27/2/2017)
-This update brings updated optimizations for the following games:
-Grand Theft Auto IV + Episodes from Liberty City
-Grand Theft Auto V
-Update v1.3.3 also fixes the bug that loads false tutorial for the following optimizations:
-Assassin’s Creed III
-Assassin’s Creed III Liberation HD
-Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
-Assassin’s Creed Revelations
-Assassin’s Creed Rogue
-Assassin’s Creed Syndicate
-Assassin’s Creed Unity
-Grand Theft Auto V
-Just Cause 2
-Project Cars
-The Crew
-The Sims 4
-Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege
-Minor changes to the RAM allocation of Low Specs Experience

Low Specs Experience v1.3.2 Stable (18/2/2017)
-This update adds support for Aliens: Colonial Marines, and updates Alien: Isolation optimization typo on the optimization control panel page – name changed from “Alien Isolation” to “Alien: Isolation” as it should be

Low Specs Experience v1.3.1 Stable (17/2/2017)
-This update adds support for Goat Simulator optimization

Low Specs Experience v1.3.0 Stable (16/2/2017)
-This update adds RagnoTech Smart Update system, Low Specs Experience will auto-update itself when you press the CHECK FOR UPDATES button
-Adds support for Alien Isolation optimization
-Fixes the issues with Rise of the Tomb Raider optimization – not restoring default settings for some users

Low Specs Experience v1.2.5 Final (16/2/2017)
-This update includes many bug fixes and performance improvements. This update also includes all new and updated optimization method – re-written code for the launch of optimization files.
-Removes app manifest signature which prevented some users from launching Low Specs Experience on Windows Vista Service Pack 2
-Other minor changes and improvements

Low Specs Experience v1.2.4 Stable (14/2/2017)
-Adds support for Tomb Raider Reborn
-Fixes a bug with Rise of the Tomb Raider optimization for some users not restoring default settings properly

Low Specs Experience v1.2.3 Stable (13/2/2017)
-Updates the optimization for Far Cry Primal
-Fixes a little bug with the name of version showing numbers under EXIT button on bootstrapper

Low Specs Experience v1.2.2 Stable (12/2/2017)
-Adds support for Rust Experimental
-Updates optimization for Far Cry 4 – now works for all game versions

Low Specs Experience v1.2.1 Stable (11/2/2017)
-This update adds support for Resident Evil 7 and WWE 2k17
-Update v1.2.1 Stable also includes performance improvements

Low Specs Experience v1.2.0 Stable (10/2/2017)
-Due to recent events with Avast and Norton anti-virus softwares flagging our installation as “trojan.gen” we were forced to re-release Low Specs Experience with new batch type installations instead of direct executable ones with silent installations.
-Adds support Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
-Fixes couple of bugs in some optimizations
-On behalf of everyone at RagnoTech Software Solutions I as a leader am declaring termination of support for all previous versions of Low Specs Experience. Let this be a full reset of the software and may new updates bring only joy to low end PC gamers.

RagnoTech Software Solutions, All rights reserved




Low Specs Experience v1.1.5 (8/2/2017)
-Fixed bug with name on “Splinter Cell Conviction”
-Adds support Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Optimization

Low Specs Experience v1.1.4 (4/2/2017)
-This update includes bug fixes and stability improvements.
-Update v1.1.4 also removes the auto-update system, which according to some users from India and Indonesia is blocked by their ISPs. We are working on a better auto-update solution at the moment.

Low Specs Experience v1.1.3 (3/2/2017)
-This update fixes the issues for people stuck at “Continue” “Canel” message when selecting the optimization.
-Update v1.1.3 also focuses on some internal and behind the scenes corrections for file managing, and adds bootstrapper at startup of Low Specs Experience.

Low Specs Experience v1.1.2 (31/1/2017)
-First major and general update for 2017, after one month of intense hard work it’s finally here!
-This update features the following changes:
-New redesigned land page on startup
-New redesigned proper uninstall manager
-New redesigned UI for both main UI and optimization UIs (152 optimizations in total)
-New redesigned registration page
-New auto-update system which will ensure all users are on latest version
-New requests (BETA) page
-The list of changes can go on and on, just to add that Low Specs Experience as of this update doesn’t support Windows XP by any means. This update also adds 7zip compression method for optimization files (packages previously taking 900MB, are compressed to take around 250MB now). Update v1.1.2 also features dozen performance and stability imrovemenets.
*Low Specs Experience v1.1.2 and all newer will require NET.Framework 4.5.2 (installation is included with LSE install package).

Low Specs Experience v1.1.1 (28/12/2016)
– This update is addressing the issue with missing files and incorrect installation fetching

Low Specs Experience v1.1.0 (25/12/2016)
– Adds Titanfall and Titanfall 2 optimizations
– Re-Introduces the removed optimizations for the standard versions of Dead Island, Dead Island Riptide and Sleeping Dogs (as requested by the users) – these were removed due to Definitive Edition releases of the games, but some users requested these to be re-added
– Updates Heroes of the Storm optimization
– Minor changes to the log in page and interface in general (buttons and other things)

Low Specs Experience v1.0.9 (21/12/2016)
– Adds Alan Wake and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare optimizations
– Adds brand new toolbox for premium users that can be accessed at the top of the screen while Low Specs Experience is running
– Edited advertisements and sponsored messages
– Low Specs Experience icon changed from orange to white
– Minor changes to the log in page and interface in general

Low Specs Experience v1.0.8 (20/12/2016)
– Updated optimization for Paladins – black screen fixed

Low Specs Experience v1.0.7 (19/12/2016)
– Added a brand new land page and LOG IN page to LOG IN as a premium member and continue as a free member
-Due to recent changes that Windows Updates have brough to Windows 10 and some internal changes to the CRU (Custom Resolutions Utility) software we are pulling custom resolutions from usage. Fifteen resolutions that are available for optimizations are the default resolutions supported by the operating system itself.
– Overhaul of the optimization installations – now using all new Winrar auto-install silent installations
– Overhaul of the ReSwitch installation – now installing in game folder and is being started through the dedicated ReSwitch shortcut on the Desktop after the optimization has been done
– Fixed Quantum Break optimization – Ultra Low Specs Optimization is now working properly
– Rise of The Tomb Raider optimization – Ultra Low Specs Optimization is now working properly
– Free and Premium versions are now merged together
– Other minor background processing changes

Low Specs Experience v1.0.6 (7/12/2016)
– This update brings some changes to the user interface. However, main focus is on buttons precision and other small improvements. This update also features all new “IF-THEN-ELSE” system.
– Adds Just Cause 2 to the list of available games for the optimization, Fallout 4 optimization now supports the latest game version (older game versions won’t be supported anymore – but it may vary from game version to game version). Wolfenstein The New Order and Wolfenstein The Old Blood optimizations have been re-done featuring major improvements using the ultra low specs optimization.
– List of donators has been also updated – all donators that made the donation by 5th December 2016 are now showing on the wall of fame.

Low Specs Experience v1.0.5 (2/12/2016)
– Second update of the day brings some improvement to RAM usage of Low Specs Experience, as well as adding Watch_Dogs 2 and State of Decay to the optimization vault. Good luck with the zombies and enjoy the hackable San Francisco.

Low Specs Experience v1.0.4 (2/12/2016)
– Fixes an issue where people could get stuck on startup of Free Version.

Low Specs Experience v1.0.3 (30/11/2016)
– After two days of investigation what is causing ReSwitch to not install – we’ve come to the conclusion that Windwos User Account Control and Windows Smart Screen are blocking the files from extraction.
– We’ve added a simple short video which will load after you start Low Specs Experience on How-To disable Windows User Account Control and Windows Smart Screen.
– We’ve also made some pre-configurations on how the compression is being done to preserve download bandwidth.

Low Specs Experience v1.0.2 (29/11/2016)
– Re-done code for reswitch installation, no more issues should occur.

Low Specs Experience v1.0.1 (26/11/2016)
– Adds “7 Days to Die” optimization, and fixes the issue where some people may get stuck in the “ReSwitch” installation process – not showing on desktop.

Low Specs Experience v1.0.0 (25/11/2016)
– Quick summary on what’s new in v1.0.0 compared to the previous versions, all that has been changed is everything, we’ve made more changes than all the previous alpha and beta updates we’ve done combined. Thanks for alpha and beta testing Low Specs Experience V1, V2, V3 and V4 with us!
Here’s changelog from the Alpha and Beta testing versions if you’re interested:

v4.3.7 Stable (5th November 2016)
-Updated optimizations for Call of Duty Remastered and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare
v4.3.6 Stable (5th November 2016)
-Added support for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare optimization
-Fixed problems with “not loading” ultra low specs optimizaitons for Crysis 2 and Crysis 3
v4.3.5 Stable (4th November 2016)
-Added support for Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered optimization
-Minor changes behind the scenes for the major update that is coming soon
v4.3.4 Stable (31st October 2016)
-Added support for Dead or Alive 5 Last Round optimization
v4.3.3 Stable (29th October 2016)
-Added ultra low specs optimization for the following games
-Assassin’s Creed III
-Dead Rising Remastered
-Need for Speed Most Wanted
-Remember Me
-The Witcher III Wild Hunt (also includes updated optimization for v1.31)
-Tom Clancy’s The Division
-Xcom 2 (also includes updated optimization for the latest game version)
-Added RagnoTech Optimization Control Center V3 design for all 140 optimizations
-Fixed bug with No Man’s Sky optimization, showing “Gone Home” name instead of “No Man’s Sky” for some users
-Fixed problems with the following optimizations regarding bugs with messages and/or specified file not found problem
-Battlefield 1
-Call of Duty Black Ops
-Call of Duty Black Ops III
-Dead Rising 3
-Gone Home
-League of Legends
-Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4
-Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution
-No Man’s Sky
-Rocket League
-Saints Row IV
-The Crew
-Tree of Savior
-WWE 2k16
v4.3.2 Stable (25th October 2016)
-Added two new optimizations
-Shadow Warrior 2
-Pro Evolution Soccer 2017
-Fixed problems with settings restoration on the following optimizations
-Wolfenstein The New Order
-Wolfenstein The Old Blood
-Fixed names showing on the drop-down list for the following games
-Snipet Elite Nazi Zombie Army —> Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army
-Snipet Elite Nazi Zombie Army 2 —> Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 2
-Updated list of donators as of the date 25th October 2016
v4.3.1 Stable (20th October 2016)
-Added one new optimization
-Small preparations for the big maintenance update of Low Specs Experience
v4.3.0 Stable (19th October 2016)
-Added one new optimization
-Battlefield 1
-Added new splash screen for Free Version on startup
-Other minor changes, bug fixes and stability improvements
v4.2.9-hotfix1 Stable (9th October 2016)
-Added support for Mafia 3 v1.01
v4.2.9 Stable (8th October 2016)
-Added three new optimizations
-Crysis Warhead – FINAL VERSION
v4.2.8 Stable (6th October 2016)
-Added one new optimization for The Witcher II Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition
-Fixed problem with Overwatch optimization “specified file not found”
v4.2.7 Stable (4th October 2016)
-Added two new optimizations:
-Dead Rising Remastered
-Quantum Break
v4.2.6 Stable (3rd October 2016)
-Added new optimization for League of Legends
-Updated optimizations:
-Assassin’s Creed III – added fresh configuration files – expect additional frame improvements after optimization
-Project CARS – added support for Game of the Year Edition
-Fixed startup crash for some optimizations on early Windows 10 builds
v4.2.5 Stable (2nd October 2016)
-Added new optimization for Tree of Savior
-Fixed issues for ReSwitch – ReSwitch won’t install on some systems has been fixed
-Minor background changes in terms of speed and file compression
v4.2.4 Stable (28th September 2016)
-Added new optimization for Rise of the Tomb Raider
-Fixed problem with Grand Theft Auto IV + EFLC Low Specs Optimization – preventing some users from clicking on the optimization button
v4.2.3 Stable (22nd September 2016)
-Added new optimization for NBA 2k17
v4.2.2 Stable (21st September 2016)
-Fixed problem with ReSwitch installation for people with “two word” usernames on their system
v4.2.1 Stable (20th September 2016)
-Fresh new design for all the optimizations – updated to version 2 control center
-Minor changes in terms of advertisement showing and applied finishing background touche
-Other bug fixes and stability improvements
v4.2.0 Stable (18th September 2016)
-This is the new base version of Low Specs Experience
-This version brings minor changes in terms of design to the table – this time around it’s all about behind the scenes configuration
v4.1.9 Experimental Stable (17th September 2016)
-Added tutorial for The Crew on how to change graphics card model ID
-Changed terms & conditions
-Minor changes in the design to and preparations for the v4.2.0 launch
v4.1.9 Additional Stable (16th September 2016)
-Updated Low Specs Optimization for The Crew and fixed “specified file not found” for restoring the optimization
-Added one new optimization – for FIFA 17 and FIFA 17 Demo
v4.1.9 Stable (11th September 2016)
-Fixed problem with Saints Row IV Optimization – loading American Truck Simulator instead of Saints Row IV for some users
-Re-designed advertisement method for Free Version – no more pop-up advertisements
v4.1.8 Stable (10th September 2016)
-Added one new optimization:
-Homefront The Revolution
-Fixed problem with Gone Home optimization – game won’t optimize on Windows Vista system
v4.1.7 Stable (7th September 2016)
-Small changes in terms of design, some things removed
-This update is all about inner beauty, bug fixes and stability improvements
v4.1.6 Stable (6th September 2016)
-Added two new optimizations:
-No Man’s Sky
-Gone Home
-Updated one optimization:
-Far Cry 3
v4.1.5 Stable (2nd September 2016)
-Added two additional buttons on the home page for “chat” and “steam group”
-Fixed problem where “specified file not found” error may occur for Deadpool Optimization for some users
v4.1.4 Stable (1st September 2016)
-Minor changes in terms of design of Low Specs Experience
-Shut down of Premium Ultima version, Premium Pro and Ultima members will now shrink into a brand new “Professional” membership
v4.1.3 Stable (29th August 2016)
-Added optimization for Heroes of the Storm
-Minor changes in terms of file management – less files – faster point and open
v4.1.2 Stable (27th August 2016)
-Fresh new “greenish” simple and easy to use interface
-Minor changes in pop-up advertiements – testing new way of advertising – less annoying
v4.1.1 Stable (23rd August 2016)
-Changed the way extract files work – switched from 7zip to winrar due to issues for some users
v4.1.0 Stable (20th August 2016)
-Fresh start and remaster of Low Specs Experience
v4.0.160630 Beta (30th June 2016)
-Changed page for giveaways
v4.0.160629 Beta (29th June 2016)
-The Witcher III Wild Hunt optimization updated for new v1.21 and newer updates
-Minor bug fixes in terms of files arrangement
v4.0.160627 Beta (27th June 2016)
-Updated Rocket League optimization for latest game version v1.19
-Fixed an issue where users get stuck in optimization tab on certain Windows Vista operating systems
-Small changes in terms of processing the files
-Small bug fixes and stability improvements
*Please report bugs if any are still existing
v4.0.160620 Beta #1 (20th June 2016)
-Fixed problem “specified file not found” for
-Grand Theft Auto IV + Episodes from Liberty City
-Grand Theft Auto V
-Life is Strange
-Mad Max
-Mafia II
-Mass Effect 1
-Mass Effect 2
-Mass Effect 3
*There’s never beta without issues – thanks for reporting the issues
v4.0.160620 Beta (20th June 2016)
-Complete redesign of user interface
-Fixes for all known “specified file not found” errors
-Fixed and updated all 120 optimizations – TOTAL OF 360 CHANGES
-Major overhaul of the startup process – no delay on startup – TOTAL OF 3000+ CHANGES in background processing
-Reduced number of advertisements as much as possible
*Please test and report the issues via Feedback section – we are constantly working on improving your Low Specs Experience
v3.6.5 Stable (10th June 2016)
-Added new optimization:
-Added ultra low specs optimization for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
v3.6.2 Stable Revision 2 (9th June 2016)
-Added new optimization:
-Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
v3.6.2 Stable Revision 1 (8th June 2016)
-Request optimizations available in Free and Starter versions of Low Specs Experience
v3.6.2 Stable (7th June 2016)
-Added new optimization:
-Resized Giveaway AD – as reported by some users – not closable on lower resolutions
v3.6.0 Stable Revision 1 (3rd June 2016)
-Fixed problem where for some people setup creates 800×600 ReSwitch instead of 1024×768
v3.6.0 Stable (3rd June 2016)
-Added new optimization:
-Far Cry Primal
-Updated Wall of Fame list
v3.5.8 Stable (1st June 2016)
-Added two new optimizations:
-Dead Island Definitive Edition
-Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition
-Added REMOVE ADS button which leads to Premium Membership page
-Added Anniversary sale AD
-Updated info on Stats tab
v3.5.2 Beta (28th May 2016)
-Added two new optimizations:
-Need for Speed 2016
-Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2
-Added loading screen on startup
-Added startup launcher
-Added “buy premium” page on exit
-Added “Wall of Fame” tab
-Added F.A.Q button
-Added Co-Operate button
-Removed vertical line from “tab-selected”, now showing underline below the changed “italic” text of current tab
-Other minor bug fixes and stability imrovements for Windows 10 latest builds
-Redesigned Live Chat tab for Premium Pro members, now supporting Kik Messenger Live Chat
v3.4.1 Stable (27th May 2016)
-Under the hood changes backed for upcoming changes
-Fixed an issue with Assassin’s Creed Syndicate optimization – “specified file not found” (V2 FIX)
-Improved “find-file” and “select-file” indicators
v3.3.5 Beta Revision 3 (25th May 2016)
-Fixed Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag optimization – reset of settings fixed – now working on all game versions
v3.3.5 Beta Revision 2 (24th May 2016)
-Added advertisement for Premium Pro upgrade discount
v3.3.5 Beta Revision 1 (24th May 2016)
-Added ultra compression method to save download file size
v3.3.5 Beta (23rd May 2016)
-Added new pop-up window for upcoming giveaways
-Added two new Premium Versions – Premium Basic ($0.20 lifetime) and Premium Ultima ($10 lifetime)
-Beta tests for few background processes pushed to Beta test release – this should prevent Low Specs Experience from crashing for users on earlier Windows 10 Builds
-Changed text under upgrade page
-Fixed an issue where update link won’t load for some users
-Removed “upgrade to premium” button from the bottom of the software (Premium Versions) except in Free Version remains the same
-Redesigned pop-up window for G2A cheap games, now loads together with giveaway pop-up
-Redesigned premium memberships page on website – now accepting payments directly through paypal instead of donation – no special fee applies that existed with donations
-Other major bug fixes and stability improvements
v3.2.8 Stable (19th May 2016)
-Fixed an issue where Assassin’s Creed Syndicate optimization would give an error “specified file not found” for some users
-Fixed an issue where Low Specs Experience would load Mass Effect optimization instead of FIFA 15
-Added three new optimizations:
-Sniper Ghost Warrior
-Sniper Ghost Warrior 2
-Remember Me
v3.2.2 Stable (12th May 2016)
-Fixed an issue where Low Specs Experience may restart for Windows Vista users
-Added one new optimization:
-Tom Clancy’s The Division
v3.1.7 Stable (7th May 2016)
-Added five new optimizations:
-Mass Effect 1
-Mass Effect 2
-Mass Effect 3
-Pro Evolution Soccer 2013
-Pro Evolution Soccer 2014
v3.1.1 Stable (4th May 2016)
-Minor bug fixes and stability improvements
-Added three new optimizations:
-Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army
-Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 2
v3.0.7 Stable (29th April 2016)
-Added new optimization:
v3.0.6 Stable (27th April 2016)
-Fixed an issue where Anno 2205 would not optimize for some users (resolution 1440×810)
-Fixed background operation issue where Low Specs Experience would crash for users of Windows Vista
-Added three new optimizations:
-Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction
-Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist
v3.0.1 Alpha (26th April 2016)
-Fixed an issue where users with Free Version couldn’t click on Optimize button
-Fixed an issue with Resident Evil 6 optimization, where for some users optimization won’t apply
v3.0.0 Alpha (25th April 2016)
-Jump release of Low Specs Experience V3
-Added two new optimizations:
-Resident Evil 5
-Resident Evil 6
v2.2.6 Stable (19th April 2016)
-Added six new optimizations:
-Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
-Need for Speed Shift
-Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed
-Dragon Balls Xenoverse
-Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution
-The Crew
-Brand new selection menu – drop down menu design (as requested by over 500 users)
-Minor changes in terms of text mismatching
-Fixed messages where instead of message “ERROR$%CRC%” would appear
v2.2.0 Stable (15th April 2016)
-Premium Starter and Pro versions released
v2.1.9 Beta (14th April 2016)
-New optimziation added Dark Souls 3
-Some changes for upcoming releases backed
-Preparations for out of beta – stable version release
v2.1.6 Beta (11th April 2016)
-Minor text changes
-We are listening tab added
v2.1.5 Beta (6th April 2016)
-Fixed access violation problem for some users using Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems
-Fixed G2A message appearance – now set to submodal page mode
-Added tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 giveaways prior to VIP and PREMIUM membership releases
-Preparations for VIP & Premium memberships are backed – set to wait for release
-Premium button under drop down menu is now working, and lands user to VIP & Premium info page
v2.0.1 Beta (1st April 2016)
-Fixed problem with Dragon Age Inquisition crash after restoring default settings
-Fixed problem with optimization tab where Batman Arkham Knight and Batman Arkham Origins would not show for some users
v2.0.0 Beta (25th March 2016)
-Redesigned user interface
-Redesigned Resolution Switcher
-Redesigned file installation process
-Redesigned file verifier/checker (reduced delay from 10 seconds to 3 seconds)
-Reduced number of adfly pop-up ads (limited to 3)
-Fixed problem with various game optimizations, user can’t optimize game “specified file not found” in:
-Redesigned optimizations for various games:
-Added new optimization:
-WWE 2k16
-Preparations for Premium edition are backed
v1.7.5 Stable (7th March 2016)
-Fixed problem with Batman Arkham Knight – game won’t open after restoring default settings
-Added brand new V2 ReSwitch powered by WINRAR Labs autorun technology
-Added new icon to LSE.exe
-Major bug fixes in terms of file accessibility
-Background preparations for ADD-ONs – coming soon
v1.6.0 Stable (25th February 2016)
-Fixed major scripting problem – some people unable to select resolution 1024×768 while using reswitch method on some titles – “specified file not found” error
-Fixed crach error happening while installing – installation freezes (antivirus software must be disabled while installing)
v1.5.3 Stable (10th February 2016)
-Added XCOM 2 optimization
v1.5.2 Stable (9th February 2016)
-Added NARUTO SHIPPUDEN Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 optimization
-Crash after clicking X on the pop-up when it starts
-Loading time drastically improved on some Intel and AMD processors with 4 or more cores, on fewer cores still remains the same
-Fixed problem with Dead Rising 3 – can’t click and select in the selectio menu
v1.5.1 Stable (8th February 2016)
-Added American Truck Simulator optimization
-Some background issues and problems are backed
v1.4.3 rev1 Alpha (30th January 2016)
-Has been set to standalone version – no auto updates
v1.4.3 Alpha (18th January 2016)
-Optimization ratings removed – server currently offline
-Added BACK button on all optimizations
-Added 23 new games for optimization:
-Assassin’s Creed
-Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
-Assassin’s Creed II
-Assassin’s Creed III
-Assassin’s Creed III Liberation HD
-Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag
-Assassin’s Creed Revelations
-Assassin’s Creed Rogue
-Assassin’s Creed Syndicate
-Assassin’s Creed Unity
-Call of Duty Advanced Warfare
-Call of Duty Black Ops
-Call of Duty Black Ops II
-Call of Duty Black Ops III
-Call of Duty Ghosts
-Pay Day 2
-Saints Row Gat out of Hell
-Saints Row IV
-Saints Row The Third
-Sleeping Dogs
-Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition
-The Amazing Spiderman 2
-The Witcher III
v1.3.8 Alpha (11th January 2016)
-Redesigned Support tab – seperating Tech Support from Help Desk – added direct twitter contact for Ragnos1997
-Redesigned game optimization selection menu – minor changes – removing alphabetical letters and adding “next tab” & “previous tab” buttons
-Added “TOP RATED” and “MOST POPULAR” tabs – featuring 10 most popular and top rated optimizations since launch
-Added message to Rainbow Six Siege optimization menu – a thing that must be done after optimizing
-Added promotions from partners – G2A.COM cheap games
-Bugfix for Sniper Elite V2 and Sniper Elite 3 optimizations – previously causing to fail optimization on some Windows 10 systems/also missing the path competely
-Updated user ratings for some optimizations
-Added 20 new games for optimization:
-Batman Arkham Origins
-Batman Arkham Knight
-Battlefield Bad Company 2
-Dark Souls
-Dark Souls II
-Dead Rising 3
-DIRT Rally
-Far Cry 4
-Mad Max
-Mortal Kombat X
-Need for Speed Most Wanted
-Need for Speed Rivals
-Pro Evolution Soccer 2015
-Pro Evolution Soccer 2016
-Race Driver GRID Autosport
-Rocket League
-Star Wars Battlefront
-Wolfenstein The New Order
-Wolfenstein The Old Blood
-WWE 2K15
v1.2.5 Alpha (7th January 2016)
-Fixed message under community tab – message showing “accouts” instead of “accounts” in one of the lines of verified accounts message
-Redesigned game optimization selection menu – added visual effects, alphabetical order and fade in buttons
-Removed date and time of ratings updates data – moved to home page
-Updated user ratings for some optimizations
-Added 20 new games for optimization:
-Anno 2205
-Bioshock Infinite
-Company of Heroes 2
-Dead Island
-Dead Island Riptide
-Fallout New Vegas
-Fallout 4
-Far Cry 3
-Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
-Mafia II
-NBA 2K16
-Project CARS
-Tom Clacny’s Rainbow Six Siege
-Race Driver GRID 2
-Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul
-Sniper Elite V2
-Sniper Elite 3
-The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
v1.1.6 Alpha (4th January 2016)
-Fixed bug with Crysis 2 optimization – loading GTA IV UnComplier instead of Crysis 2 on some Windows Vista systems
-Fixed overlay load – previously causing incorrect load of content while using lower resolutions than monitor’s native which made some things appear bigger
-RAM and CPU usage reduced to normal values – previously causing Low Specs Experience™ to crash on systems with 1GB RAM
-Changelog file moved from pop up after installation to the rar package file with Low Specs Experience™ setup – making it available at any time
-Updated user ratings for first five released optimizations
-Added 15 new games for optimization:
-Battlefield 3
-Battlefield 4
-Borderlands 2
-Borderlands The Pre Sequel
-Crysis 3
-Dragon Age Inquisition
-Dying Light
-Far Cry 2
-FIFA 15
-FIFA 16
-Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare
-The Sims 4
-The Evil Within
v1.0.0 Pre-Alpha (1st January 2016)
-Base release
-Available games for optimization:
-Battlefield Hardline,
-Crysis 2
-Euro Truck Simulator 2
-Grand Theft Auto IV + Episodes from Liberty City
-Life is Strange