Welcome to the official ‘How-to use Low Specs Experience’ guide

This guide is meant to show the basics and help the user understand the user-interface, and all the features the Low Specs Experience is offering. It’s highly recommended to deeply study the entire guide before using the live version of the software. In order to easier understand what each of the sections is referring to, please keep the Low Specs Experience GUI open side-by-side with this guide.

Home and Startup

The home and startup page introduces the user to the Low Specs Experience with a simple and brief description of what the user needs to know about the core software. It contains the most important information the end-user needs to know. Getting started buttons: about, how-to-use and how-it-works will lead the user to the specific guides for each of the specific sections the user wants to learn about.

Optimization Catalog

The optimization catalog section features a simple and clean drop-down menu that allows the user to select and load the optimization package for a specific game. It’s highly recommended to follow the instructions given within the user-interface to better understand what needs to be done for each and every game. The dedicated buttons for the upcoming optimizations and optimization suggestions lead the user to the respective sections for optimization suggestions and optimization release list which contains the release list for all the upcoming optimizations that will be added to the Low Specs Experience optimization catalog.

Contact Support

This section does not exist within the user-interface itself but is a dedicated button that will redirect the user to the contact support page on (this) website. As the name suggests, this section allows the user to contact the support if the help is needed. The changelog section is the log section for all the changes that every single version has implemented since the launch of the development. Frequently asked questions, is the section that asks and answers all the frequently asked and most discussed questions by the users.

Settings and Tools

The settings and tools section is still being developed and in its current state, it allows the user to adjust some minor settings for the user-interface of the Low Specs Experience.

Premium Membership Section

The premium membership section allows the user to activate their premium membership with the Low Specs Experience, and also purchase the premium membership package – if such an option is required.