Welcome to the full guide on how to use Low Specs Experience V6

This guide is here to teach you the basics on how to use the UI and all the features Low Specs Experience has to offer. Please ensure reading the entire guide before using the actual software.



RAGNOS ON SOCIAL MEDIA – each button leads you to the official accounts of Ragnos. (Head of RagnoTech™ Software Solutions)

START FREE VERSION / PREMIUM VERSION – starts the Low Specs Experience.

ACTIVATE PREMIUM VERSION – let’s you activate Premium Version if you have RagnoTech™ unique Serial Number.

Home section:

Home page of Low Specs Experience will have a few things set for you to read if you wish. All the information listed on the Home Page is devoted to the users of Low Specs Experience, therefore you should read it.

Optimization Catalogue section:


Optimize page features a simple and clean drop-down menu from which you can select which game do you want to optimize. Once you have selected the game you want to optimize it will load a separate 7-Zip installation for each game. What you have to do is to extract that 7-Zip package into the game folder, then start the RagnoTech™ Control Panel as administrator from the game folder.

You can select games by clicking the drop down icon and then selecting, or by simply writting the game name into the drop-down menu field.

This page also includes so called “High Priority Optimization Request” feature available for Premium Membership owners only! Learn more about this feature on the Premium Membership tab.

Support section:


Support page features two types of contact methods. One method is Free Tech Support which is available for everyone using the software. The other contact method is Premium First Line Tech Support which is available only for Premium Membership owners. Learn more about this feature at Premium Membership tab.

Feedback section:


Feedback is very important to us as development team! We are rellying on the feedback our users are giving us for future updates and improvements.

Update section:


From this page you are able to check if new version of Low Specs Experience is available. If there is a new version available, you’ll be able to download and update it accordingly.

RagnoTech™ Control Panel:


RagnoTech™ Control Panel is the main panel for the optimization purposes. From here you are supposed to select the method of optimization and in-game resolution you want and let Low Specs Experience do the rest.

That’s all we have to share at the moment on how-to use Low Specs Experience! Bear in mind that we will update this section every once in a while – upgrading this guide and making it simpler, and better for our users.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us using the form below: