Getting Started With Low Specs Experience

Welcome to the full ‘getting started’ guide on how to use Low Specs Experience

This guide is here to teach you the basics of how to use the UI and all the features Low Specs Experience has to offer. Please ensure reading the entire guide before using the actual software.



Quick access links will give you the access to most important guides (such as this one), and additional information you would otherwise miss.

Start Low Specs Experience Free/Premium as the name suggests will start the Low Specs Experience and take you to the Home section of the software.

Activate Low Specs Experience Premium will allow you to activate your premium membership by entering your unique serial number. See picture below for more info.

Premium Activation Section:


Here you can either enter your unique serial number and activate your premium membership or use the other buttons which will either let you read more about the premium membership or bring you back to the Low Specs Experience.

Home section:


The home section of the Low Specs Experience has quick-access links for RAGNOS1997’s social media accounts as well as check for updates and support & feedback buttons.

Optimization Catalog section:


Optimization Catalog section features a simple and clean drop-down menu which will allow you to select which game you would like to optimize. Once you select the game you would like to optimize, simply press Load Optimization Package button. Click browse and select the destination folder where your game has been installed.

Once your optimization package has been extracted, go to the game destination folder and then start the optimization control panel as administrator.

Optimization catalog also includes so-called “Premium Features” available for Premium Membership owners only! Learn more about these features on the Premium Membership tab.

RagnoTech™ Optimization Control Panel:


RagnoTech™ Optimization Control Panel is the main panel for the optimization purposes. From here you are supposed to select the method of optimization and in-game resolution you want and let Low Specs Experience do the rest.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to use the support section here.