Welcome to the full ‘getting started’ guide on how to use
Low Specs Experience

This guide is here to show you the basics of how to use the user-interface and all the features Low Specs Experience has to offer. Please ensure reading the entire guide before using the actual software.


The bootstrapper page introduces you to the Low Specs Experience in a simple and robust manner. The text shown on this page contains an in-depth explanation of what the Low Specs Experience actually is and does.

At the bottom of the same page are two quick-access links that will lead you to the premium membership page where you can read more about these memberships.

Optimization Catalog:

Optimization Catalog section features a simple and clean drop-down menu which will allow you to select which game you would like to optimize. Once you select the game you would like to optimize, simply press ‘Load Optimization Package’ button. Once the browse dialog box pops-up, simply navigate to and/or select the destination folder where your game has been installed.

Once you select the destination folder of the desired game, the optimization control panel will load. More about the optimization control panel can be found at the bottom of this page.

Support and Help:

This section as the name suggests is dedicated to the support and help. By clicking the ‘Contact Support’ button you can fill the contact support form and/or read the frequently asked questions.

Check for Updates:

As the name suggests, from the check for updates section you can download and update your Low Specs Experience to the latest version.

Premium Activation:

Here you can either enter your unique serial number and activate your premium membership or use the ‘Upgrade to Premium’ button in order to learn more about the premium membership.

Optimization Control Panel:

The optimization control panel is the main panel for optimization purposes. From here you can select the method of optimization and in-game resolution you would like to run your game on.

After you select the optimization method and the resolution simply press the ‘Execute Optimization’ button and the Low Specs Experience will do its job. There are three optimization methods to choose from: stock-low, ultra-low and potato-low, as shown in the pictures below. You can also restore your game to default settings via the restore default section, also shown in the picture below.


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to use the support section here.