About Updates

Why should I update the software and why is it so important?

As the name suggests “updates” — updates are one of the most important things of software development as a whole. All the feedback we receive is being reviewed and our maintenance team is put to work in order to fix all the issues and/or problems there might be.

We are releasing small and big updates for our software as every other development team there is. Small updates will fix small errors and/or problems and big updates usually mean that there’s something bigger that had changed.

Where do I find the information about the recent updates?

We have a special section dedicated to news & updates on our website that will give you an in-depth look at all the changes we have done in that particular revision and/or update of the software.

Changelog file is also included with every revision and/or release of our software — so you can read all the changes from that file as well.

How do I update the Low Specs Experience?

Low Specs Experience doesn’t support auto-updates, at least not for now at least. Which means that we have to release every revision of our software as a full installation package that will include all the previous and new changes we made to it.

You can update the Low Specs Experience from the update section in the user-interface which will let you download the latest version of our software.