About Feedback

Why should I send feedback and why is it so important?

Feedback is one of the most important things for anything that anyone is doing. First-hand feedback from the users and customers that are actually using the software and/or anything else that the developer is doing is invaluable. No one can pay with money for important and good quality feedback.

We are relying heavily on the feedback our users and customers are sending us. All the important changes and/or crucial updates are based 80% on the feedback we receive from the users in our feedback section.

How do I know if I’m gonna be rewarded for the feedback I send?

We are reading every single word that contains any kind of feedback valuable to us. All the spam inquiries and/or false feedback we receive is being flagged as spam and that particular user cannot send or abuse the feedback feature any further.

Once we receive your feedback about you had sent, we read it and get back to that particular piece of feedback multiple times to ensure what is said in the feedback report is true. If the user reports very valuable information and/or feedback about something that is important to be fixed — we will reward him or her with some Steam/Origin or Uplay game CD-KEYS. The more valuable the feedback is, better the chance of receiving more keys in return.