Grand Theft Auto 4 + Episodes from the Liberty City Expansion Low Specs Optimization/Low Specs Patch

Grand Theft Auto 4 + Episodes from the Liberty City Expansion
Low Specs Optimization/Low Specs Patch



Q: How to extract the 7z file?
A: Download 7Zip or WinRAR
For 7Zip: Right-click on 7Zip file then choose 7Zip and then press Extract here
For WinRAR: Right-click on 7Zip file then press Extract here

Q: How to download the Low Specs Optimization?
A: Scroll down to the DOWNLOAD SECTION and download Low Specs Experience
What is Low Specs Experience? It’s a free tool that allows you to optimize and patch the game, it contains all the available optimizations and patches we’ve ever created

Q: What does the Low Specs Optimization change in game?
A: The optimization process is simple, it lowers your in-game graphics settings to the lowest possible, “but I can do this myself in-game options right?” NO! Low Specs Experience is optimizing/patching your game to the lowest settings possible (under the lowest in-game settings), adding custom configured files for settings that you can’t change in game options manually (this process can result in a huge boost in performance, sometimes you will get 80% more FPS than you already have with standard lowest in-game settings – eg. from 15FPS to 30FPS or 30FPS to 50FPS)
BONUS MESSAGE: We are not predicting nor guaranteeing you the boost in performance after the optimization is applied, simply because not all games are made equally and also because not everyone has the same PC specs
Some games are more tweak-able than other

Q: Does this work with Steam/Origin/Uplay/DRM-FREE/Pirated games?
A: Our Low Specs Optimizations are built on the legal game versions, but are compatible with all game versions as long as your game versions matches the version that the optimization was done on, it doesn’t matter if it’s on Steam/Origin/Uplay or if it’s pirated game.
BONUS MESSAGE: Keep your game always up-to-date if possible! Otherwise we can’t guarantee you 100% compatibility with each game version.




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