RagnoTech TM (Ragnos1997) says goodbye to old versions of Low Specs Patches

Dear Low Specs Patch users, RagnoTech TM will not provide any updates for Low Specs Patches that are not Self-Execute versions (all older as of 20 September 2013) are not supported anymore!

Which are Self-Execute and which not?

Self-Execute versions are all patches listed HERE that are not marked as NO SUPPORT

Old Versions are all patches listed HERE that are as NO SUPPORT in the brackets


What does that mean?

-No Longer Support for E-Mail replies ragnos1997-octeam E-Mail is not in use anymore

-No Updates for old low specs patches since these are not being released by RagnoTech TM (old patches are designed by OC Team – READ MORE)


*Althrough support for help in the YouTube comments section aswell as on Facebook Messages section will remain active!

What does that mean?

-You can still ask for technical help/instructions and stuff like that in the comments on YouTube or Facebook

-You can still use them as before

-You can still ask for new download links if the current ones doesn’t work


12/12/2014 – END OF SUPPORT FOR NON-RagnoTech TM Low Specs Patches

Best regards, Ragnos1997 head of RagnoTech TM Low Specs Patches development team.


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