Flashback 2013 Low Specs Patch by RagnoTech TM (Ragnos1997)

Flashback 2013 Low Specs Patch by RagnoTech™

First Official Version Release: 15/10/2013

Current Release: 15/10/2013

Patch Client Version: (0.25 Beta Update 1)


Patch notes:

Release 15/10/2013: 

-Added new resolution 640×480

-Disabled Static Decals

-Disabled Dyamic Decals

-Disabled Unbatched Decals

-Disabled Dynamic Lights

-Disabled Dynamic Shadows

-Disabled Light Environment Shadows

-Disabled Composite Dynamic Lights

-Disabled SH Secondary Lighting

-Disabled Directional Light Maps

-Disabled Motion BLur

-Disabled Depth of Field

-Disabled Ambient Occlusion

-Disabled Bloom

-Disabled Light Night Shafts

-Disabled Particle Distortion

-Disabled Lens Flares

-Disabled Fog Volumes

-Disabled One Frame Thread Lag






*Please make sure to disable Anti-Virus systems before downloading and extracting, if file is broken something is preventing and blocking it from extraction.

*Virus Scan Kaspersky Lab Report (if Kaspersky isn’t aware to trust, who is?)

*Not all patches are designed to work properly on all components/devices, mostly mid-end/high-end graphics cards can’t be utilized on low resolutions and low details and can cause/deliver poor performance after installing the patch.

*adfly (ads service) service is blocked in some countries (eg. India, Pakistan, Hawaii, Malaysia etc…), if you can’t open the link please make sure to use the option below to request custom upload.


(expected wait time for response: 1 hour to 48 hours depends on number of messages)

How to install explained:

  1. Disable AV Systems
  2. Download the Patch
  3. Extract it (eg. Desktop)
  4. Run the Patch file as Administrator
  5. Hit “Accept” and then “Browse” and select your game’s directory (mostly is placed in “C:\Program Files\Developer Name\Game’s Name”)
  6. Click “Extract” and run the game from new shortcut created on desktop after installation
  7. Select mode “WITH LOW SPECS PATCH” will run the game with applied patches. “STOCK NO PATCH” will run the game without patches or smth like that

VIDEO TUTORIAL (old version)


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